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Polly Morgan

Some sad story

Gravure etching on Hahnemühle bright white 300 gsm, with hand watercolour finish 42cm x 44cm Signed and numbered edition of 50, unframed

Winning Bid

1 weeks B&B in Guy's old room

Barter History

-My architect hands for a day to help with any activity (within my own limits)
-"Moonkissed" etching I made in Florence (Villa Lena Foundation)
-Relief-print "Babel", printed from etching plate of marks made from brain wavelengths whilst asleep
-20hr French or Italian lessons + italian dinner by me
-A personal tour of Frankfurt on Main, capital of Holy Roman Empire (flight and dinner)
-Windsurfing session or financial advise
-Your own portable sound kit so that you can swap your headphones and ipod for a cricketsounds listen. 
-A week of studio time (with produce) in professional recording studio to produce soundtrack to your work
-I will cook at/for a homeless shelter in my area for one month
-A 5000 word short story based on your piece (or another of your artworks of your choosing!)
-A drawing by Anne the Chimp with news cutting from the 1960's
-A website design (Wix based)
-A personal training session with nutritional advice
-Cocktails and philosophy chat followed by one adventure and/or quest
-Two shorts or one long week-ends of dog-sitting-

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