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I'm Leaving You

Video - 2010

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-1.) sharing secret about 4 legs. 2.) a chance to participate in a relational art project
-a duo exhibition in holland
-a narcissister private live performance for you and your friends
-gourmet raw meal for 4 handmade to served in a geodome in a brooklyn loft
-40 hours of help on anything or a weekend at a mount cabin in the catskills
-I'd like to barter a daylong walking tour of Philadelphia (6am-10pm or any times in between) with stops at some of the most quirky shops/eateries/bars/buildings/landmarks. Also, you will be introduced to some of the most inaccessible neighborhoods of Philadelphia for an outsider. Speciality stops can be made if you are interested in examining history/art/etc., just let me know! All inner city transit paid for, as well as admission to cultural institutions we visit on the trip. Put your walking shoes on!
-which artwork would you like? trade-zees