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light box wall hanging

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-A documentary film on the artist
-A long weekend & stay at a penthouse in Mitte. Oranienburgerstr.
-1 year of bio pizza and a tantra massage with or without happy end (flyer attached)
-Home cooked 3-course dinner for 2 incl. beverages for 2
-4-course dinner incl. beverages for
-A scooter city tour of Paris by night
-A private Spanish course
-One evening with two lovely ladies (their activity of choice)
-meet Jazzanova
-Manuscript of my novel
-Kulinarische Extravaganza Austrian Dirndl, Lederhose, Schnitzel, Schurbladler for 10 people
-A stay of 2 weeks in a house in a Mediterranean city in Spain
-I make a film with you
-My entire vintage Abteilung in my closest
-A week in an amazing 100m2 flat in Vienna
-2 weeks stay at a house in Alpieria, Spain, 100 m to the beach
-A long weekend & stay at a penthouse in Mitte. Oranienburgerstr.
-main story incl. photos in Berlinindependent magazine #Horst &Edelkraut.
-Briefmarkensammlung. Germany and international <1986
-Am intensive private Bikram weekend
-A monthly supply of any Austrian dessert for 12 months
-A painting
-blow job without a conversation
-feathered antique bike
-dinner for 2
-aperitif, dinner, orgie with 3 girls and 3 grams of coke and champagne and all the extras in a horny location
-house on island in south croatia, when you want (not summer) and flat 160sqm in Berlin for Summer. -i will offer a free weekend recording session at my music studio in london
-1 and a half hour holistic massage sessions every month for the coming year
-i promise a cool day on the snow with me to teach you to ski
-i will write a wikipeadia article about you in english and in german
-i will teach you how to surf
-my car- a mazda- red 1990 or a racing bike- milaneffi with campagnolo chorus
-either 1 mix five shows or a recording session of your band
-any framed and any size picture from kate bellm and a big kiss
-1 weekend trip with a person of your choice in europe including flight
-a night with my husband
-ein fallschirmsprung
-1000 words of translation into a language of your choice of any text for 1 year
-Website design and hosting for one year - to present your work at our gallery Cognosco Project Space in Berlin Mitte
-Join me on my next trip to Peruvian Jungle for shamanistic healing
-10,000 words translation in an language of your choice of any text, for one year
-a brand new cello
-free of charge room in Cambridge for two weeks in July
-a front
-row seat at Hugo Boss Fashion Show in July camera Exilim
-do your PR, (press, galleries, etc) for two months one prada bag from this collection + dress
-Photoreportage about one day in your life- 100 photos of you

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