Boo Saville

Head Study

Byro, 2010

30cm x 40cm

Winning Bid

No exchange made

Barter History

-I'll make you an edition of screen prints at the Royal Academy (of your image)
-In the Springtime I will plant a vegetable and herb garden for you in a location of your choice and help teach you to tend it, could also be a balcony or window box
-Two weeks in my amazing loft in berlin plus bike and 6 bottles of wine (for 2people)
-To read a book of your choice aloud to you so you may work/ sit/ eat and be read too
-A pair of moroccan slippers worn on stage and signed by Adam Ant
-Complete make-up and hair for shooting for free
-A beautiful handmade fur thong for male and female rabbit fur
-Any scientific questions answered from how many British libraries you can fit in your little finger to why they would almost be travelling at the speed of light
-A selection of homemade danish culinary delights
-my ginger boyfriend
-A collaboration engaging in free association style drawing

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