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Adeline de Monseignat

Cells II

Ink on watercolour paper, 2013, Unique

76 x 56 cm

Winning Bid

Be part of a group show in my gallery in Brussels. Galerie Valerie Bach.

Barter History

-I will offer a piece of my art.
-Organic cold pressed juices. We swap works / hand drawn work A4 size.
-4 co-active couching classes. Typical French lunch + Parisian tips. Art swap.
-An bracelet from la plage.
-A new copy of Swimming home by Deborah Levy, shortlisted for 2012 Booker prize.
-Authentic hand-painted Japanese kimono, pls check
-2 etching prints (one A3, one A4). I can shoot a 60s video in Dubai on a topic you choose (1 word topic).
-10 hour basic language training (you can choose either Chinese Mandarin; Chinese Cantonese; French or English).
- pumpkin pie and a cross stitched pillow cover. Life coaching (in case you’re interested in joining up those dots) sessions x6. a 50 x 70 cm mixed media on paper containing 39 red spots by myself Alfred Tarazi.
-I will assist you in the studio or on a project for 2 days (Carara this Summer) from Alix. 2 ceramics made by me called messengers / authentic (Magda Hoogers).